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All Mixed Up

2nd December, 2005. 6:12 pm.(kakina_san)

Kurama: ::pratically glares at Kyo:: Pardon me, but I DID listen, just a little unsure is all. As to who I am? Well, lets just say I'm a bandit.

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2nd December, 2005. 4:08 pm.(o0_nakuru_0o)

Kyo: The better question is who the Hell are you!?! Yuki is as I said a damn rat! Damn, Don't you listen.

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2nd December, 2005. 3:58 pm.(kakina_san)

Kurama: ::looks at Kyo:: Care to explain who you are? I don't know a fellow like you, and who is this "Yuki" you're so exited about for not being here?

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30th November, 2005. 4:13 pm.(o0_nakuru_0o)

Kyo: YO! Isn't anybody here? Hey, wait! No YUKI! YES! Damn Rat!

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28th November, 2005. 6:28 pm. Boo Yeah!(kakina_san)

It's about time I found some sort of anime rp that seems to actualy want to work! ^*^ I can do any character from any anime that's on that list. I'd prefer Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, or Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. Kurama the most preferable...-_-'
Well, I'll leave it up to the members to join! This will be FUN! ^*^
Ja ne,

Current mood: bouncy.

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28th November, 2005. 6:28 pm. Welcome(o0_nakuru_0o)

Hey, It's me Nakuru! I would like to personaly welcome you all to All mixed up! One place all animes all I need is your help. RP's anyone?
I would like to clam:
Kyo from Fruits Basket

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